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Waingunga Cubs

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Our Cub Pack meets in Totton on Wednesday nights.  Cub Scouts are aged 8 to 10 1/2.  At 10 1/2 they move up into the Scout Troop.  See below for some of the exciting things they have been up to at events and meetings.  WANT TO JOIN?  More information about joining our Cub Scout Pack can be found by contacting us using the Contact Us

The Cubs have a fun time at Camp in the Summer.

(Picture courtesy of Vanessa Slawson)
The start of my journey to have my first cub camp without any of my parents, was when my dad helped put the tent up with other leaders and parents. Me and my little sister helped too.
Then Ben came with his mum; we all got to hold a pole each in the tent to help put it up and we were laughing lots. When it was lunch time me-dad and my little sister went to the chip shop. Then it was time for my dad and sister to go home and camp had begun.
I was in the Badgers tent with John, Harry, Luke, Marshall. John was the leader of the tent. Inside the tent it had 2 holes where the ants came in. I liked all the food at camp but especially the pizza.
On the 2nd day we went to Brownsea Island. We got on the coach which took us to Poole harbour and then we went on a mini ferry over to the Island. At the shop my group was the 1st in and I found a Brownsea Island woggle to buy, I didn’t buy the sparkly woggle as that would have used up most of my money. I like guessing the different tree names, I only knew the Oak tree before this. We also played skimming stones that I enjoyed. Luke and I managed 4 skims each.
On Saturday we went to Moors Valley Country Park. I went in Darrens car with Jack and Marshall. I enjoyed walking the play trail. In the evening we had a camp fire. On Sunday my mum came to collect me I was really happy and gave her a big hug.

The Cubs put their best feet forward to raise money for the ShelterBox Charity.

(Picture courtesy of Vanessa Slawson)

Walking from the old to the new HQ they earned £220 in just under an hour and arrived at the lakes in time to see the sun set.

They are pleased to have finished!